Crypto Co., Ltd. has the theme of advanced technology cryptographic theory,information theory, network security, Internet,and multimedia communications technology.We are consulting and research and development by industry,
government and academia cooperation.

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  • Theory
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Research, planning and development of IT technology

Ddevelopment and joint research with universities, companies and government agenciesCoordination of production, government,academia and research new technologies.

Information security consulting

Information communication new technology evaluation
Software, system development consultingComments to the IT current affairs to journalists,article writing, supervisionInformation security education


NICT: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology“The performance measurement and bit slice implementation of a lightweight encryption”“Research and development of wide area and high speed technology of incident analysis”“Large-scale response of malware classification support system ”“Specialized Debugger in Malware Analysis”“Malware Clustering Support System”“Malware Code Analysis Engine”“Malware Code Analysis System”“Bot Code Analysis System”


Company Name CRYPTO CO., LTD
President Sadako Takasuka
Established Date February 20, 2004
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106-0044, JAPAN
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